Let's Go Birding transitions to the next chapter.
December 1st was the first day I took ownership of the very established nature store, the "Los Gatos Birdwatcher". Having celebrated twenty years in the South Bay, owners John & Freddy Howell planned their retirement with the end of their lease and I took ownership at that time. The store will continue as your resource to find special gifts, garden accesories and high quality seed for the backyard birder, while Let's Go Birding, Inc. will become the tour division of the store. This website will transition in with the Los Gatos Birdwatcher website sometime in the Spring. Birding tours now take place using the professional services of Corinthian Ground Transportation. Above we are birding the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.

Check out where we are going

March 12, 2016 Panoche Valley -Tell Me More
April 16, 2016 Santa Cruz and Natural Bridges - Tell Me More
May 21, 8 AM - 12 Raptor Workshop in Coyote Valley- Tell Me More

So what is birding?
A hobby, a sport, a challenge, a good time

Non-birders often ask,
What is birdwatching?
Well, its folks getting outside to enjoy everything found in nature. Its like going
on a treasure hunt. Everywhere you look you find new things, creatures, plants, birds & wildlife. As you get into the sport you end up with great toys from high powered optics, to fancy tripods and ipods, plus the latest outdoor gear that keeps you warm, cool or dry depending on your destination. Birding motivates one to explore the open spaces that people have worked so hard to preserve while also appreciating the birds in your own yard. Some get into the science of birds, while others delight in the pure joy of observation. Eventually birders travel the world, climb mountains, visit glaciers, cross deserts & go out into the oceans to find new species. You can meet great people & often end up doing service for organizations that can use some help. All are welcome regardless of age, sex, beliefs or income. I invite you to try it! Ferruginous Pygmy Owl at sunset at nest cavity in Belize - Pati Rouzer

In an effort to give back to the community, Let's Go Birding proudly supports the following organizations.
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